Put some life under your feet!

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Let your feet experience some real relief with these truly interlocking, tessellated concrete pavers. Each paver is part of a one piece puzzle.

Make your own with a quality polyurethane mold. No prior experience is necessary. Each mold comes complete with instructions on casting, coloring, curing, and installation.

"Be the walk of your town."

Your one stop source for:

  • Tessellated, Interlocking Pavers
  • Quality Concrete Molds
  • Modular Concrete Furniture
  • Interlocking, Mortarless CMUs*
  • Lightweight Composite Concrete
  • Environmentally Secure Houses
  • Architectural & Related Design
  • Creative Consulting & Imagineering

*Concrete Masonry Units

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Interlocking Pavers & Molds

Concrete Furniture & CMUs

Lightweight Composite Concrete

Secure Concrete Houses

Architectural & Related Design

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