Modular Concrete Furniture

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Modular Concrete Furniture

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The terraced dining patio adjoining the Kula Lodge on Maui required special seating criteria: resistance to weather, low maintenance, and permanency. An interlocking modular system consisting of five parts was developed so each bench could be easily assembled on site. The design incorporated a repetitive modulus to provide seating efficiency and comfort to a variety of anatomical types. The molds were constructed of a hybrid composite of polyurethane rubber on the inside bonded to an outside shell of epoxy/fiberglass/carbon fiber.

Design is available for licensing to interested precast manufacturers.

Other Concrete Masonry Units

For the most part, the average person or homeowner finds it too intimidating to use currently available concrete building units because of two factors: the relative high level of skill required, and the heavy weight of these objects. Geckostone® is currently developing an entire line of "user friendly" CMUs, all of which are designed for swift and simple installation and high strength/weight ratios.

Two of these products are developed to the point where prototype models have been built. Examine some of the key features of each system:

Hollowstone™ Mortarless Block.

  • Interlocking and mortarless
  • Commercial and residential applications
  • Reduce labor costs by as much as 75%
  • Designed for solid grouting
  • Unusually high structural integrity
  • Can replace conventional forming systems
  • Metric compatible for plant conversions

Interock™ Interlocking Terracing Unit.

  • Three dimensional interlock
  • All general landscaping
  • Structural retaining walls
  • Designed to allow moisture passage
  • Half the unit weight of other systems
  • No pinning required

John August, dba GeckoStone® is seeking to obtain patents and will be licensing these designs to precast manufacturers in the near future.

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