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This brick veranda at the Bob Dylan residence in Malibu was designed and built by John August in 1975-76.

About the Dylan Veranda

A Walk on the Wild Side

© 1997 John August

The entire Dylan project at Point Dume in Malibu was a macabre experience melding talent and chaos. Direction for the finishing details of the residence came under the artful tutelage of eccentric sculpter Robert Gilbert, who was a strong believer in individualism. When he approached an out of work finish carpenter (who was just learning how to lay bricks) to see if he had any ideas for the upcoming ocean view veranda, John August stretched the truth more than a little when he replied, "sure." He then proposed a novel concept for creating fluid motion with rectangular objects, based largely on his exposure to Greene & Greene masonry in Pasadena and the flamboyant George McDavitt, who was already doing incredible stonework on the project. What eventually evolved was a highly stylistic way of laying bricks which could encompass constantly changing three dimensional curves with absolute linear resolution. Or, in other words, no dead ends. This curvilinear approach sparked a wave of copycat masonry throughout the Malibu area. It all began here.


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