Tessellated, Interlocking Concrete Pavers & Molds

About Licensing for Manufacturing

GeckoStone® offers three degrees of licensing:

  • Limited - pavers made for home use only.
  • Simple - small scale production and sales.
  • Commercial - for large scale manufacturing.

Limited License Agreement

John August, dba GeckoStone®

All mold patterns are copyrighted by John August; only he has the proprietary right to assign making copies. These molds are intended for making concrete pavers for home use only. As owner of the mold, you are given permission to make as many pavers as you like for your own use. If you intend to sell the pavers made from these molds, please contact John August for a Simple Licensing Agreement. Use of these molds implies agreement to this Limited License.

Simple & Commercial Licenses

The license gives the licensee (you) the right to sell interlocking concrete pavers with molds supplied by Gecko Stone only and also represent Gecko Stone products. It also provides you with technical support, contacts, referrals, and media exposure. License fees are structured by the scale of production.

Two types of licenses are available for manufacturing. The first, a simple license, is designed for either small scale production or part time sales of pavers and is non-exclusive, meaning that there is no defined territory. The fee is $600 and the license is good for one year.

The second license is intended for large scale commercial production and sales. It specifies a territory of exclusivity which also supercedes any simple license. The exclusivity is design specific - meaning that designs not licensed are available to other manufacturers within a similar territory. Write or call for more details.

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